Ballyglass Country House

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Ballyglass House dates back to the late 1830′s and was part of a large estate comprising hundreds of acres of farmland and forestry. The house and estate were originally owned by the Burke family who held the lands for approximately 100 years.

The Burkes were considerable landowners in Tipperary and Griffith’s Primary Valuation, a survey of land ownership carried out between 1847 and 1860, shows that the lands at Ballyglass were the property of John Burke.

Allegedly a member of the family lost the house in a game of poker and ownership passed to a Colonel Mulcahy. After his death the house and lands passed to his daughter Miss May Mulcahy.

Miss Mulcahy was a spinster and resided in the house until the mid 1970′s when she retired. The house and lands were bought by a Mr Jim O’ Dwyer who converted it to a hotel soon afterwards. The lands surrounding the house were sold off gradually down through the years and all that now remains of the original great estate are the five acres of land and gardens on which the hotel stands.

The Byrne Family purchased the hotel in April 1996 and while modernising were careful to retain and enhance many of the features of both the house and the surrounding buildings.

And so today you can enjoy a drink in what was once a working forge, enjoy a special occasion in the old Coach House and soak up the atmosphere of days gone by as you stroll through the gardens.